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Art Altounian, Writer, Director, Producer:

Art Altounian

Kevin Reem

Mr. Altounian completed his writing/producing/directing debut with, “Closing the Deal” a feature length romantic comedy starring Ray Wise, James Wilder, Liz Sheridan, Michael Bergin and Phil LaMarr. “Closing the Deal” won five international film festival awards including the audience award for Best Picture at the Temecula Valley International Film Festival, three Best Actor awards at the Planet Indie Film Festival in Toronto, and a Best Screenplay award at the A.F.F.M.A. Film Fest in Los Angeles.

Mr. Altounian has worked as a freelance writer for the Disney animated series, Team Atlantis based on the Animated Feature, Atlantis, The Lost Empire and for the Warner Brothers International television series The New Adventures Of Robin Hood. Mr. Altounian has also written a spec screenplay for the Comedy Central show, “South Park.”

When not working as a writer Mr. Altounian produces and directs reality television shows for HGTV, Discovery Network, Style, TLC, and is currently directing the TV series, “Desperate Spaces” for HGTV.

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