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Richard Jones, Director of Photography:

Richard Jones

Bennett J. Fidlow

Mr. Jones has worked on commercials, MOWs, television series and feature films since 1974 in many varied positions. Mr. Jones most recently completed shooting second unit on the Jerry Bruckheimer production of Pirates of the Caribbean for Disney and After The Sunset, starring Pierce Brosnan for New Line Cinema.

He has designed special camera mounts and rigging for such films as Days of Thunder, Water World, Titanic and Pirates of the Caribbean I, II, III, to name just a few. A few of his designs are as follows: hydraulically operated camera heads which allows the camera to be submerge to any depth while being remotely operated from the boat, automated camera dollies with an operator platform, that has a 40 foot vertical reach and a 360 degree rotation in a horizontal plane; rigs that allow full size automobiles to rotate in a horizontal plane in limbo; Gimbal rooms that rotate with actors dancing inside; jump ramps, 18 foot camera crane for operator and assistant, underwater housings for 35mm cameras, numerous specialized camera mounts including car to car mounts used to shoot actual race car footage in the Daytona 500 which was used in the feature film Days Of Thunder.

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